Finding the right cataract surgeon depends upon the kind of vision correction you need and the amount you want to spend for the treatment.

Cataract surgery has one of the greatest rates of success in the field of surgical procedures. The procedure involves the removal of the clouded lens and replacing it with an intraocular lens or IOL.

Premium versus Standard Cataract Lenses

Intraocular lenses have been in use for several years now and have been shown to provide exceptional range of vision. Some IOL patients however may still need to use reading glasses in order to boost their near or close up vision.

The most recent premium intraocular lenses have been authorized by the FDA as a potential cure for vision with several ranges (think tri-focals). However, if you select premium lenses, you need to see to it that your cataract specialist is knowledgeable and has the capability to carry out the treatment successfully.

Whether you wish to have a premium intraocular lens for multi-vision or conventional lens for single vision, you have to find an excellent cataract surgeon.

Making inquiries for Cataract Surgeons

Cataract surgery is fairly common these days so you should know some friends, relatives or next-door neighbors that have gone through the treatment. In searching for your cataract specialist, ask these people the following questions:

Are the doctor’s personnel friendly and well-mannered during the entire procedure?

Did they discuss the expenses?

Did the cataract specialist spend a substantial amount of time, sitting down and explaining to you the treatment itself in addition to its possible complications and side impacts?

Are you aware of the other alternatives such as the types of lenses that can be used for the procedure?

Are intraocular lenses discussed? If not, why?

Are you asked to come back to them for a follow up?

You might also want to consider asking the cataract surgery doctor and his/her staff these questions in order for you to select the very best cataract correction surgeon:

How many cataract procedures have you done?

Do you use intraocular lens or IOLs?

Have there been any cases of eye infections with your patients?

Who sees the client on the very first post-operative day? Is it the cataract surgeon itself or another doctor? Optometrist? Ophthalmologist?

Be sure to ask all of these questions and more when you see a cataract surgeon for the first time!